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“I can tell you for sure that Roy Varner has all the tools to make your program hot! His writing is insightful, visual, and easy to follow. All his video productions make your customers say, “Hey, that’s my life!” His instructional design presents information the way each person wants it. You just can’t find a more effective resource to have on your side than Roy Varner!”

Clark Brown
Corporate Training Director
Several Fortune-500 companies Top West Point Instructor/Leader

“ A true coach has the drive and the passion to do whatever it takes to remove the pain and settle the fears of fellow humans just met, bringing the best in them to full fruition. Acting always in their best interests, even when they’re not around, the coach values nothing more than their freedom and financial success, and the pure satisfaction of paying it forward.”


Roy Varner

Roy Varner is a dynamic thinker and instructional design collaborator. He added a tremendous amount of value to DNAcademy by analyzing our content, identifying the most important topics from each lesson, creating engaging quizzes that challenged learning objectives and engrained learnings. He produces high-quality work on-time, and is wonderful to work with. I highly recommend Roy and his services.”

Michael Cyger
Publisher, Domain Conference Developer & Blogger of the Year T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Hall of Fame