About Coach & video maestro Roy Varner

Actually, I’m all about you – understanding your needs and guiding you with real coaching, to get you unstuck and thriving with a money-making, impactful business. 

I spent over 4 decades mastering the art and science of video and film production for Fortune 500 companies. In the process, I learned what connects emotionally with people, and what chases them away. My focus now is to apply those street smarts to your videos and on-camera live presentations. 

I’m committed always to be a REAL coach, one whose main focus is getting every client the desired transformation.

You’ve probably experienced the opposite – most “gurus” just core dump information and rev up the rah-rah, then send you home to self-study learn. Doesn’t work. None of that changes people. They end up just falling back into their old ways.   

Real coaches give the 1:1 personal attention needed to convince the subconscious to let go of our long-held assumptions and habits, and instead embrace new and more powerful ways of thinking and behaving. 

It’s all about mentoring in baby steps over time, building up the individual’s self-confidence and learned skills with hands-on help.

As Video Maestro, I can help you thrive in several critical, tangible ways:

Video Voodoos – Wake you to a bunch of things you may be doing in your videos and live presentations that are chasing away your ideal prospects. Distractions you don’t even realize you’re doing. Eliminate them and your prospects will stick around for your whole message and call to action. Check out the details here. 

Video Maestro’s Makeovers – How great would it be for your reputation and sales if you always came across looking and sounding like the go-to expert in your niche? My 1:1 Zoom makeover sessions will professionalize your use of camera, lighting, sound, background, and how you personally look. You will have a fixed signature setup ready at the flip of a switch. Night and day difference with my coaching! Check out the details here. 

1:1 Coaching by the Maestro – Weekly mentoring and skills keep you laser-focused on the exact customized learning and growth path for you and make sure you get to your goals. Stop wasting your money and time on information-only programs that never deliver their promises. There is no substitute for real coaching by a 4-decade expert in packaging and communicating your message magnetically to your ideal customers. Check out the details here. 

Maestro’s Magnetic Sales VideosMy proven signature methods are the best approach to hooking your prospects’ interest, drawing out their emotional pains and needs, getting them to trust you immediately, and sending them urgently to your solutions. 95% of entrepreneurs are doing video wrong, and I can help you make yours stand out from the crowd and make you money. Check out the details here.

Want some help figuring out which direction with video is best for you?

Click the button below to schedule a free chat – no sales, no strings, just the Maestro’s best advice for your particular situation.  

Thing is, I just love helping good people get unstuck and learn to thrive.