Conversions: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The private jet…yacht…Bentley or Ferrari…family on the beach in Fiji…

The braggadocious screen captures of big deposits in bank accounts…

Or the framed platinum records on stage with the guru.

Such unabashed bragging about amazing results is personally irritating – but more importantly…

an indicator of why the online information and coaching industry and it’s virally adopted program model are a massive failure.

Every ad assures us that paying thousands to someone we don’t even know will get us certain riches…four-hour work weeks…sales while you sleep…and all the expensive toys of the rich and famous.

Yet there’s an elephant in the room, according to top coaches at well-known programs:

The common info/rah-rah model followed by almost everyone online has an actual success rate of about 1-3% of its high-paying clients achieving the expected results.

Think about that.

Would you pay money to get on an airplane with only a 3% chance of getting you to your desired destination? 

Yet most people continue to pay thousands for the next “shiny-object” program promising results but hardly ever delivering.

The irony:  even with a “100% satisfaction guarantee,”  hardly any ask for their money back, thinking they didn’t work hard enough to make the program work.

The truth:  this ubiquitous broken model was designed to gather money, with little regard for how many benefitted.


1 – Information and rah-rah alone do not change most people’s mindset and behavior. 

If they did, we could all read a good get-rich-quick book or watch a motivational talking-face video and go live the easy life.

In fact, 97% of us who buy expensive online information programs never even finish going through the materials…

much less “get it” and clone the guru’s mindset…

…and hardly anyone makes the promised leap to riches and financial freedom.

How many of each have you experienced without making the big leap to thriving in life? 

How much money and time have you spent getting no noticeable change in your financial freedom?

The culprit behind this conundrum is the amazing subconscious of the human mind.

The human psyche is programmed from ancient times to protect the being from trauma, physical or emotional.  It sets off emotional alarms whenever we cross the boundary of our comfort zone to protect against danger.

Along the way, this powerful force tenaciously holds onto limiting assumptions we’ve gathered over the years from unkind relatives and others about ourselves and the world:

I’m not a winner…I’m not worthy…I can’t sell to people…I’m not good at public speaking (etc.)

Meanwhile our psyche, doing its job, convinces us to develop coping habits such as procrastination to protect those assumptions.

Together, these cherished assumptions and their protective coping habits function as a concrete wall between where you are and where you want to be.

That built-in resistance to change is why “self-improvement” and “self-paced learning” for almost everyone are oxymorons – rendered practically impotent by self’s refusal to let us pass GO and collect our $200 (for you Monopoly fans).

So your own subconscious self will attempt to blockade every scary new way…

Your habits will kick in to support that defense…

And your programmed self-limitations remain in place as your happy comfort zone.

All of that explanation leads to this knee-jerk reaction:

Predictable relapse to old ways within days of coming home from a big convention or Zoom weekend of non-stop information, highly engaging motivational speeches, and (basic to human needs) the welcomed kumbaya bonding with your “club.”

Bottom Line:  the viral current model of these expensive shiny-object online courses is not working – for either paying customers or floundering entrepreneurs. Almost everyone is losing, regardless of the fun of belonging to a club or tribe.

(Same issue applies to most college classes that expose us to a bucketload of info but leave the actual “embrace and adopt” process to self-study assignments…but that’s a whole ‘nother story for another time.)

2 – What’s missing is the natural human change process led by a mentor.

The real change process, led by a mentor over time, wakes us up to the pain and damage our limiting assumptions and coping habits have had on our lives and happiness.

Good mentoring then shares better options with less pain and more rewards – and lets the increasingly self-confident individual drop the pain and make his/her own choices of better ways to embrace.

It’s the guided baby steps outside the zone over time, the regular bumps in clarity and self-confidence, that finally give us permission to embrace a new way to think and behave.

Unfortunately…there’s a stronger motivation for most entrepreneurs online.

3 – The enticement of riches often trumps commitment to real change

Enticement of riches make it really tough for the human mind to stick to principles.

This age-old mesmerizing force easily convinces most wannabe coaches to set aside the time-consuming personal commitment of effective 1:1 coaching, in favor of the path of least resistance…

a one-to-many program structure that’s easy on the coach’s personal schedule but results in very few life-changing experiences for participants.

And therein lies the rub:

A faulty program model that lacks real coaching and real change over time is too much of a tempting pot of gold..

But that path is not the choice of a mission-based, purpose-based person of integrity.

It’s not the choice of other-directed givers who understand that the time and cost of doing things the right way is just part of the journey.

Now that you’re fully awake to the crises of non-transformation in online programs, I don’t think you’ll want that path for yourself, nor to role model for your clients.

While I can certainly show people how to create high-converting sales videos (using a proven formula and magnetic perspective that draws only your ideal customers to check out your solutions),

The real challenge is to back up the talk with the walk.

Be a person of character with a genuine desire to help others get out of pain and into thriving, committed to make sure every one of them has a transformative learning process that can reliably deliver the paid-for results.

Conversions and transformations for people of character are a welded pair that cannot be separated, if you want a sustainable business known for its integrity and commitment to deliver results.