Crank Your Sales Faucet WIDE OPEN With “Brand Stacking”

You may be locked out of over 80% of your potential sales.

Recently I talked with a business coach who complained that his marketing just wasn’t bringing in enough business to live on, in spite of several years of expensive programs and doing everything he thought he was supposed to do.

He explained all about sending daily emails to his list…spending a lot of money on his website…tons of social media posts…online ads that weren’t getting much response…and so on.

It was looking as though he’d have to give up and go back to a 9-5 job.

When I took a look at samples of his marketing outreach – and especially how he looked and sounded on camera — the root cause of his failure to attract new customers became painfully obvious.

Some startling statistics will set the stage for what I’m sharing with you today.

  • Only 3% of your ideal prospects buy on the first contact with you (Type A risk takers and impulse buyers).
  • The other 97% need the assurance of seeing you and your promos multiple times before they can give themselves permission to trust your solution.
    Finally, a full 80% of your prospects will NOT buy until they have seen at least 5 or 6 positive, consistent communications from you about your product or service.

That last stat in particular is HUGE to your success in online marketing.

Think about it.  If your prospects see your brand 5 or 6 times – but each time you look and sound different, some things you do on camera are off-putting, and they never quite “get it” about you – you’re blocked from selling to at least 4 out of 5 of your potential customers.

What businesses can even survive, must less thrive, marketing to only 20% of the people who should be jumping through hoops to get your solution to their painful, and sometimes emotional, main problem?

And with an inconsistent and hazy brand, you’re losing most of that 20% as well.

Not encouraging.

So let’s think through exactly how to get your brand (i.e., how you present yourself in all communications) laser focused and consistently attractive to your ideal prospects.

First ask yourself, “What major problem am I trying to solve? 

Your succinct problem description and image (your “hook” to stop them from surfing past you) must specifically identify their major challenges, so they say to themselves, “Hey, they’re talking about my big problem!”  (Remember it’s not about you, but about stopping their surfing.)

If your “hook” reads and looks different each time they see your promos, then you don’t get any cumulative credit for previous contacts. 

Each new contact is like finding you for the first time, instead of building on previously positive contacts.

Second, ask yourself, “Specifically what type of person do I have the most passion to help with my time and experience?”

The most common mistake is to think your solution is the answer for everyone…when in fact, something that fits everyone is not seen as a specific solution for anyone.

You want people to instantly recognize that you’re talking specifically to them, so they’ll start thinking your solution is also exactly what they need.

Third question, “What words are my ideal prospects using to describe their needs and to search online for their ideal solution?”

Way too many entrepreneurs are in the rut of their own point of view, rather than their prospects, and thus they take it upon themselves to choose words and names for programs, the business, etc. that make them feel good.

Your business is not your feel-good playground.  It needs to be all about what your ideal prospects think, feel, want, and will buy.  It’s all about them, not about you.

And the Fourth question to answer to fix your problem of inconsistent and less-than-desired attractiveness of your marketing is this:

“What do I call my solution to make it obviously the ONLY choice to solve their problem?”

If you’re just another talking face promising a generic solution, there’s no reason to stop and check you out.

So if you can answer the above four questions consistently in a compelling way in every communication you put out there, you will achieve what’s meant by this phrase I coined:

“Brand Stacking”

When you’ve answered the above questions consistently and professionally in all your communications – your website, social media posts, online ads, and especially every time you’re on camera – then wonderful cumulative things happen:

  1. People resonate with you because you obviously understand their major problem.
  2. They see that you look and sound like the trustworthy go-to-expert in your field, someone they feel they can trust to take care of them.
  3. Your solution sounds consistently unique, promising, and just what they’re seeking.

Then each time they see another message from you, they get the same good feelings and sense of trust.

Each similar feeling, positive contact “stacks” on top of the previous ones until they reach the magic range of 5 or 6 layers that trigger the emotional approval to choose you and buy what you’re selling.

That’s Brand Stacking… and it works ONLY when ALL of your communications are consistently presenting your positive, compelling brand look, feel, and message.


Nothing is more important to building your consistent, professional, unique brand that how you look and sound on camera.

That’s because of the power of visuals and body language to connect people emotionally.

There are 4 steps to being seen as that compelling go-to expert in your niche.

STEP ONE: Stop the Distractions.

Uncover things you do on camera that are off-putting and amateurish, things that distract from fully engaging with you and your message.

Examples: Talking about you instead of your prospects problem…bad camera angle with too much headroom or shooting up your nose…bright lighting behind you from windows or lamps that darken and fuzz your face…sounding like you’re in a big empty barrel…and so on.

In fact, I wrote down 30 common distractions, and still counting, that you’ll see often just about any time somebody is on camera.

STEP TWO: Embrace a Professional Set-Up and Techniques. 

It’s not your fault, since hardly anybody has been trained as an on-camera expert.

Yet it’s critical to have a proper set-up of your camera so you look naturally (not awkwardly) framed and at a comfortable distance from the camera…

It takes a pro approach to lighting to make your skin look good and focus attention on your eyes (eye contact is a huge engager) and your message…

You need clear and natural sound reproduction of your voice so you’re pleasant sounding and easy to listen to…

Work to declutter your background to focus all the attention on you, while color-coordinating the background to your skin, hair, and clothes to feel good to your viewers…

And there’s much to consider in how you look – your choice of clothing, color, jewelry, hair, glasses, etc. – and your body language, all of which contributes to connecting with your ideal customers.

STEP THREE: In that super-attractive, consistent brand, Nail your “Position Statement” that says, “I help (niche of ideal prospect) solve (major pain, fear, need, or want) with my (unique program/method/formula etc.), guaranteed.”

Without the clarity of a well-considered Position Statement, what you’re projecting is too vague to hook people to stop surfing and get them emotionally engaged in your story and solution.

The lack of this clarity, in fact, is a major reason why so many people fail to make serious money online.

Nail your Position Statement and you give all the right people all the right reasons to become part of your tribe and help pay your bills.

And then…

STEP FOUR: The final critical Brand Stacking process.

Clone the Look and Feel of Your On-Camera Presence in All of Your Public Communications.


  • Your Website – in all still pictures and video clips of you, what you wear, your color background, Position Statement clarity on Home Page, and so on.
  • Your Social Media Posts – same consistency of pictures, colors, and message.
  • Your online ads in Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, etc.
  • Your blog post messages in line with your Position Statement, and quality visuals.
  • Your every live / guest appearance on podcasts, live presentations, etc.

And all other communication – every time your ideal prospects sees or hears something positive and consistent about you, that’s another stackable contact that compounds to get them past the doubt threshold and into becoming a buyer.

These four steps together are arguably the most critical change you could make to permanently crank your sales faucet wide open and finally thrive financially and personally on the Internet.

Remember that you need the synergy of all four of these Brand StackingTM steps to open up the biggest possible audience for what you do.

But don’t try it alone – find your pro coach to guide you there, one step at a time.

Now you know how to stand out from the crowd and make it happen.

Let’s do it!


  1. Hillary Jones

    You have hit the nail with this, Roy. Brand stacking is the answer.

    • Roy Varner

      Thanks! What is it you do in your business to get that compounding effect with your communications?