Not Confident On Camera?

Not Closing Enough New Clients?

Fact: 93% of Online Entrepreneurs

make Less Than $100/week

What’s holding everyone back?

In The Video Maestro’s

3-Day Challenge:

“Competence, Confidence,
& Closings On Camera”

Competition is so ENORMOUS on the Internet, that only the well-known, established gurus can get by with unprofessional video practices.

Beginners and lesser-knowns, however, must recognize and eliminate distracting habits or they quickly chase away ideal customers.  

I can show you how to stand out from the crowd and even outshine the big gurus with my Video Maestro Methods & Makeovers! 


Roy Varner is dynamic thinker and instructional designer…he added a tremendous amount of value to my company…I highly recommend Roy and his services.


Micheal Cyger, Director of Education,

Roy Varner is a true maestro, orchestrating all my company’s many learning systems and video programs over some 20 years… He’s a master of visual and verbal persuasion, his programs made a huge impact on my company’s success.


Clark Brown, Corporate Training Manager, Westpoint Leader & Trainer

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