Create powerfully attractive video with just the right coaching for your specific situation. Find the program that’s best for you.  Not sure?  How about a brief chat with the Maestro?

Video Voodoos

Are you unknowingly chasing away your ideal customers?

Here’s your revolutionary wake-up call to discover the most common distractors in your videos and online presentations that curse your sales and haunt your brand and reputation.


What’s in “Video Voodoos”:

  1. Eye-opening 24-minute video lesson (you’ll never look at videos the same way ever again!)
  2. Cyber Coach Checklist to discover your distractions and eliminate them.

Video Maestro’s Makeover

Expert coaching in small group or 1:1 Zoom sessions to help you look and sound like THE go-to expert in your specific niche.

Are your videos just not having the impact you thought they would on your ideal clients? Imagine having a magnetic brand that draws people and quickly establishes your authority and creates trust! My 5 Smart Steps process aligns you with proven best practices of professionals, tailored to appeal to your ideal clients.

Maestro’s Magnetic Sales Videos

Sell a lot more when your videos always appeal emotionally to your ideal prospects.

Video is the most effective and popular marketing medium by far.  My 5-step proprietary method will make your videos powerful magnets to emotionally hook and engage your ideal prospects.  Join my small-group workshops and benefit from my 4-decade career as producer, director, writer, and editor of award-winning films and videos for Fortune 500 companies. You’ll get 1:1 feedback on your work and walk away with your own powerful, signature video to generate the sales you’ve always dreamed of getting. Offered only a few times per year, so act now to reserve your place.

Real 1:1 Coaching by the Video Maestro for Branding, Conversion, and Transformation

Personal guidance with proven best practices to master your video presence and sales.

There’s nothing better than REAL coaching — three 1-hour customized 1:1 learning and guidance sessions with the Maestro’s signature methods and tools, including a 30-min follow-up a week later. Proven over 4 decades to be powerfully effective. Let me walk you through just the right steps (no more info overwhelm), at just the right time (no more stuck), always tailored to your specific needs and desired solutions. 

Only two spots available currently. If you need serious coaching help and quick results, schedule a free coaching session and we’ll see if it’s the ideal fit for both of us.           

Get REAL coaching that will help you make that leap to where you really want to be.