Your On-Camera Distractions You Don’t Know You’re Doing

Here’s a huge “elephant in the room” conundrum for almost all entrepreneurs online:

They’re doing a dozen or more distracting, off-putting things on camera (live feeds, promo videos, etc.) that are literally chasing away their ideal prospects – and yet they don’t know they’re doing them.

It’s human nature. We don’t see our own foibles.

But others do, and that’s why so many entrepreneurs are failing online.

They just don’t realize how strangers (i.e. ideal prospects) are seeing them on camera.


If you want more ideal prospects to listen to your messages and come join your tribe, then you have to recognize this elephant in the room and make changes.

Until then, you’ll be getting the same responses (or lack thereof) that your present practices have gotten you.

If you’re open to some really life-changing awareness, let me start you out in the right direction.

As Video Maestro, I orchestrate changes in people’s on-camera behavior that eliminates all those distractions and make you much more attractive as a solution to their problems.

I call these distractions “Video Voodoos™” because they scare your best prospect away…curse your sales…and haunt your reputation until you eliminate them for good.

Here are a few of the most common voodoos that curse almost everyone’s on-camera work – but when you stop doing them altogether, you’ll see a huge difference in the response you get from your ideal prospects.


The pandemic changed the way our world works.

When people couldn’t get out for meetings, workshops, conventions, etc., we all adapted to the world of Zoom.

Unfortunately, in the process, most people forgot the fundamentals of building trust and authority by taking the way-too-casual road.

It is NOT appealing to the average seeker of a solution for a major problem to see a supposedly professional coach in the bedroom, in t-shirt or otherwise sloppy attire, and with various parts of one’s personal life strewn around in the background.

We’re still humans, and humans want their gurus, coaches, and saviors from their problems to be the wise professionals who have their acts together.

SO…Shift from casual to a professional, signature brand that makes you look and sound like the go-to expert in your niche – and then people will quickly accept your authority and trust you to solve their problems.


Are you impressed when you click on a link and see the “guru” is a bit fuzzy looking, with poor quality video image?

The old 720P video used to be okay, but it’s not anymore. Minimum is 1080P, sharp, colorful, and no visual “noise” problems.

If you are still using an old camera, it’s time to upgrade to a new digital webcam to sit on top of your monitor and deliver quality images worthy of the quality of the work you do for others. Makes a world of difference in how people feel about you.

Note that low bandwidth from your Internet service provider can degrade your image and make it hard to watch. It’s important to get enough up-and-down bandwidth for quality images and sound, and to avoid freezes and glitches in an otherwise smooth flow.

Poor lighting can also degrade your image quality and colors. Combined with old video technology, the result is not going to draw people to you as a leader.

BTW: I usually recommend an amazing new digital webcam that’s less than $100 but gives high-quality images, great color, zoom capability, and natural sound as your only microphone needed. Reach out to me if you’re interested.


If I’m concentrating on figuring out what’s in that picture behind you, or what the heck is that statue, etc., then you’ve lost me from the stream of your message.  Without that connection, I’ll quickly lose interest and move on.

Also, we want our coaches and problem solvers to be neat and organized, at least more than we are. We need confidence that you’re the organized, “with it” guru role model with smart solutions.

People who know you well might cut you some slack, even though they won’t enjoy the distractions. Strangers, however (like almost all of your ideal prospects) see a messy, disorganized, or distracting background as a quick and fatal turn-off.

Now you know some of the reasons why you might not be getting the sales and clients that you hoped for and need.

So how do you become aware of every distraction or voodoo that’s chasing off your ideal prospects and stunting your business?

Start by writing down everything people do on camera that’s off-putting to you. You’ll soon learn the most common distractions.

Then ask friends and cohorts which of those distractions you’re doing – and list them to work on.

You can also find real solutions at, my home base, and your resource for anything related to being on camera and making compelling videos.

Become aware of what others see in your public image – so you can clear out the distractions and open up a whole new world of sales and financial success.